Friday, February 28, 2014

Boycott Marriage Equality

Too salient not to share:

Because if God really objects to same sex marriage, I'm sure He will just send angels around the world to deliver your principled, faith-based messages anyway. So no sweat.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

We survived Ragnarök!

It has recently come to my attention that we barely survived Ragnarök, the Norse mythology's apocalypse.  So says the mythologist:

If Vikings were here today, the sounding of a distinctive horn in York would have created chaos. The ancient instrument, blown last night, signaled exactly 100 days until the end of the world, according to Norse mythology...  Norse mythology experts have calculated that Vikings believed this will take place on February 22, 2014... There will be huge earthquakes, the sea will rear up and the soil and the sky will be stained with poison.  The sound of the horn is supposed to call the sons of Odin to the battlefield, where Odin will ultimately be killed.  After his death, the Earth was foretold to sink into the sea, paving the way for a new utopian world with endless supplies. (source)
You know, just another failed religious prediction of the end of the world. Nothing new to see here... What's that? ...You just think the wrong religion did the prediction here? Oh... right.

'Then the Awful Fight' by George Wright (1908)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Support Filmmaking in Southern Colorado!

Check out the recent accomplishments of the Southern Colorado Film Commission with a cool highlight video I recently completed:

... and pledge to claim awesome incentives - including a movie poster signed by Harrison Ford or Johnny Depp!