Friday, August 28, 2015

Danny's Wiki Vandalism

I often get asked about my Wikipedia page.  Specifically, what I think about it.  Well, the best part about having a Wikipedia page is seeing all the vandalism over the years.

For example, did you know I majored in "being bald" in college?  Or that my nicknames were "Nigger Lips" or "The Elf?"  And that I'm a potential serial killer?  It was all written on my Wiki page at one point or another!  It was reverted a few minutes or hours later, but at least the truth was out there, if even so briefly.

Oh yeah, I was also a prostitute beginning in 2002.  I earned a Masters of Fine Arts in Garbage Collecting & Disposal.  In 2008, I began working as a paid gay male stripper at the hotspot for the National Islamic Service.  Further, I have worked as a gay stripper instructor in locations such as the Florida Keys and northern California coast.  I once worked on a film called 'The Unbelievable Bald Stripper."

By some accounts, I was born in 1952 as a Russian faggot.  Other nicknames have included "Dicky Baldy Ledonne" and "Dippy Antonio Ledonne."  I have a black belt in balding, and another in cock sucking. Once, I was spotted in the den of a lion having my hair ripped off.

Many of these uh, penetrating insights, by the way, were posted by the same IP - from Australia!

One particularly insightful Wiki edit from November 2013

Thursday, August 20, 2015