Monday, April 29, 2019

The Facebook Jail Feedback Loop

Blimey!  I've been Zucked again!

I'm now banned from Facebook for 7 days for posting about why I was banned for 3 days for posting about a friend being banned for 1 day!

Just how meta will this Facebook jail saga get?

Friday, April 26, 2019

The Stockholm Syndrome of College Affordability

I took out and paid off my student loans from Emerson College with some degree of financial sacrifice during the mid 2000's (while making a videogame on nights and weekends, whatever that was about).

Referencing this graph, I graduated at basically the last time college was affordable for a middle class family.  I could almost hear the door of college affordability shutting behind me, even if I didn't understand why or its long-term macroeconomic implications.

And now that candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are proposing tuition free college and even some student loan forgiveness programs, my reflexive response is not to feel cheated for paying my loans off, not recoiling from "a slap in the face" for paying off my student loans ahead of schedule, and not some misplaced desire to inflict upon others a perhaps unnecessary educational expense I incurred... but rather with the hopes that access and affordability for higher education improves with the next generation rather than receding from it.

We should resist this Stockholm Syndrome mentality about broken systems from which we convince ourselves subsequent generations must endure merely because we ourselves persevered through them... or worse: cede the argument to older generations (like Boomers) who often struggle to relate at all with just how strenuous college affordability is for Gen Z today.  We can fight for a better future together, because it is the best shared outcome for our society, irrespective of what dues we each had to pay to get this far.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

America Is Not "Full"

Donald Trump recently claimed that "our country is full."  That is a lie.  America is not "full."  The USA has some of the lowest population density amongst most developed countries.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Catch-22 of Immigration

1. Extract resources from developing countries to create a first-world economy which burns massive amounts of carbon.

2. Create global climate disruption due to increased carbon in the atmosphere.

3. Developing countries suffer from droughts, fires, floods and hurricanes - resulting in ecological and political instability.

4. Struggling people in developing countries suffering from these conditions grow desperate enough to emigrate, seeking economic opportunity and political stability.

5. First-world countries then deny these immigrants entry after their extractive economic model has destroyed living conditions for these immigrants in their home countries.