Friday, November 18, 2016

House Republicans are Noticeably White

Vice-President Elect Mike Pence has joined House Speaker Paul Ryan to assure America that the Republican Party can get a noticeably whiter government in one easy election.  Notice the one black man to the far left of the Republican party?  He's in the very back of the room.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Picturing Peru: Crafting Images of Travel

How do you picture a place you're encountering for the first time?  How do you effectively share that picture with others?  Filmmaker and photographer Danny Ledonne discusses how to create images that communicate a sense of place.

Ledonne shares photographs taken on a recent field study to Peru, identifying his creative workflow from inspiration to final image.  Blending technical craft with a sense of wonder, this presentation transports audiences through the Andean highlands, the jungles of ManĂº National Park, the historical majesty of Machu Picchu, and along the Madre de Dios river.  Please join us and experience the vibrant colors, textures, and terrain in "Picturing Peru!"

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Clinton Endorsed by George H W Bush

New reports confirm that former president George H. W. Bush has "plans to vote for Hillary Clinton."  (source)  This is just another example of the kinds of support that Clinton doesn't need if she wants to inspire and motivate progressives and independents.  But what better way to affirm that the USA has become a corporate duopoly run primarily by two wealthy white families?

Monday, August 8, 2016

Clinton Cash

I just finished watching this documentary.  Based on the book by Peter Schweizer, this film essentially "follows the money" from despotic dictatorships and rapacious transnational corporations directly to the Clinton Foundation.  It identifies the incredibly high speaking fees that Bill Clinton commands in locations that coincide with important matters that Hillary Clinton considers in the State Dept.

From deforestation, fracking, and uranium mining to human rights violations and global neoliberal economics, this film makes the case that the Clintons are personally profiting from all of it.  While edited in an overly-dramatic fashion, the film cites credible sources throughout and offers a compelling argument that the Clintons are and always have been for sale to private interests - and that doing so compromises the very ideals that form the basis of their public live.

... and because this is America, the rebuttal article has already been produced!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Comparing Conventions

Alright, let's be honest.  After having watching convention coverage from Cleveland and Philadelphia, Republican and Democratic parties, I've drawn the following conclusions:

  • The Democratic Party has ambition, hope, ideas, vision, optimism, and a value system of inclusion and diversity; the Republican Party has paranoia, fear, avarice, backwards-looking pessimism, and a reactionary, xenophobic worldview.

  • The Democratic Party has an amazing collection of celebrities, policy makers, and engaged citizens who are young or young at heart in which dissent is a healthy function of democracy; the Republican Party has the remains of a few has-been or onetime personalities, disgraced party leaders who tediously support their nominee, and angry, uninformed voters who are headed to a nursing home within the next decade.

  • For the Democrats, the future looks to be full of promise and potential; for the Republicans, the future is a frightening series of dangers and enemies to be destroyed.

  • For the Democrats, leadership means working together and bringing many voices to the table to overcome common challenges; for the Republicans, leadership means a strongman who will single-handedly solve problems by virtue of his ego alone.

... But those are just my opinions, I could be wrong.