Monday, August 8, 2016

Clinton Cash

I just finished watching this documentary.  Based on the book by Peter Schweizer, this film essentially "follows the money" from despotic dictatorships and rapacious transnational corporations directly to the Clinton Foundation.  It identifies the incredibly high speaking fees that Bill Clinton commands in locations that coincide with important matters that Hillary Clinton considers in the State Dept.

From deforestation, fracking, and uranium mining to human rights violations and global neoliberal economics, this film makes the case that the Clintons are personally profiting from all of it.  While edited in an overly-dramatic fashion, the film cites credible sources throughout and offers a compelling argument that the Clintons are and always have been for sale to private interests - and that doing so compromises the very ideals that form the basis of their public live.

... and because this is America, the rebuttal article has already been produced!