Friday, June 24, 2011

Obama's "Evolving" views on Same-Sex Marriage

PRESIDENTIAL POSTURING LIKE THIS INFURIATES ME (source). Obama is in full fundraising mode so it's clear that he is courting the "gay vote" across the country, yet he continues to hamstring himself to placate social conservatives ("Blue Dog" Democrats?) by claiming his views on same sex marriage are "evolving." Really? What if a candidate has "evolving" views on interracial marriage, women's suffrage, or slavery?

A disingenuous form of evolution: political posturing over ideological substance.

GLBT rights advocates are boxed into voting for Obama because it's entirely obvious that the GOP will not produce a gay rights affirming candidate. Yet the notion that someone as intelligent and educated as Barack Obama has "evolving" views on something as simple as marriage equality is patently insulting. It's clear to everyone that he is merely pandering to both sides of the debate, hoping to rake in the most votes, while avoiding taking a strong position for what he believes is right.

I respect anti-gay pastor Fred Phelps. I respect gay rights advocate Dan Savage. These are men of action whose views on the subject are transparent and frankly-stated. But I have no patience for Obama and his ilk who attempt to compromise their values so heavily that what remains is a poll-tested, enfeebled shill who will follow campaign cash over substantive moral courage.

UPDATE: I'm not entirely sure if NY state passing same sex marriage legislation (source) will be the tipping point or not, but eventually there will be a "critical mass" after which most other state and federal officials will have no choice but to honor marriage equality.

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