Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paul in 90 Seconds

The Ron Paul Media Blackout continues.  Last night's GOP presidential debate lasted 3,600 seconds (60 minutes) and Ron Paul was only allowed 90 seconds. Of the eight candidates on the stage, the "average" candidate should have 450 seconds - of course Romney, Cain, and Perry had far more, reiterating the same Bush/Obama talking points of occupation and neo-colonialism. Ron Paul only got 20% of his fair air time!

Nonetheless, in 90 seconds Ron Paul was able to stand for:
-peaceful foreign policy through trade and diplomacy, not military aggression 
-ending torture for moral, legal, and practical reasons 
-ending the Obama Administration's program of unilaterally assassinating American citizens without due process of law 
-oppose nation-building, policing, and occupying countries across the globe
Some of my liberal friends seems puzzled or even outraged when I state my support for Ron Paul as president in 2012. But it's really not complicated.

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