Sunday, March 11, 2012

Video Game Mashups

Awhile ago now, I came across a YouTube video called "Mega Man vs. Donkey Kong."  The results were obvious yet inescapably hilarious:

Since then, an entire series has emerged based on this concept.  Here is my favorite of the 13 episode First Season, entitled "Video Game Mashups: Contra vs. Paperboy."

Anyone who's played "Paperboy" can appreciate how frustrating this game is and how gratifying it feels to watch the soldier from "Contra" annihilate the entire neighborhood. The underlying visual rhetoric of this series is that videogames used to be pure, wholesome fun with genuine gameplay challenge... whereas modern games are crude, violent expressions of raw power and require little skill to complete.  While not entirely true, this combination of pixelated slap-stick and satire is a worthwhile exercise, particularly as a celebration of post-modern retrogaming culture in Web 2.0.

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