Friday, July 29, 2016

Comparing Conventions

Alright, let's be honest.  After having watching convention coverage from Cleveland and Philadelphia, Republican and Democratic parties, I've drawn the following conclusions:

  • The Democratic Party has ambition, hope, ideas, vision, optimism, and a value system of inclusion and diversity; the Republican Party has paranoia, fear, avarice, backwards-looking pessimism, and a reactionary, xenophobic worldview.

  • The Democratic Party has an amazing collection of celebrities, policy makers, and engaged citizens who are young or young at heart in which dissent is a healthy function of democracy; the Republican Party has the remains of a few has-been or onetime personalities, disgraced party leaders who tediously support their nominee, and angry, uninformed voters who are headed to a nursing home within the next decade.

  • For the Democrats, the future looks to be full of promise and potential; for the Republicans, the future is a frightening series of dangers and enemies to be destroyed.

  • For the Democrats, leadership means working together and bringing many voices to the table to overcome common challenges; for the Republicans, leadership means a strongman who will single-handedly solve problems by virtue of his ego alone.

... But those are just my opinions, I could be wrong.

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